Big experiences for small people

If you develop digital products for children (< 12 years), and you want these products to have a positive impact, then we can help you create exceptional experiences with professional User Experience research.

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"It’s great to see UXkids being the first UX research agency in the Netherlands that is specialised in user experience design for kids."

Niels Schultz

Head of Product at Squla

Kids are nothing like adults.

Let go of what you know about adults. We are here to help you meet the abilities and requirements of your target age group.

Kids are a great source for inspiration.

Put kids in charge and benefit from their unbiased creativity. Let's find out what kids like and create something that they will love.

Kids need extrinsic motivation.

Motivation is the key to any successful product for kids. We help you develop fun and engaging digital products for your target age group.

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