Since 2013

A child-centered approach

UXkids focuses on children and young people up to 18 years old; a challenging and diverse target group.

Why? The way kids think, feel and act isn’t always similar to the predictable behavior of adults. Thus asks for a child-centered-approach.

Meisje wijst naar de laptop tijdens user test
Research sessions
Minutes of research
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At UXkids, kids are the experts

We made it our mission to mold ideas into outstanding and appreciated designs in collaboration with children.

At UXkids, each project is truly unique

We believe in a tailor-made approach, in which user research and our knowledge & experience in child-centered design form the key principles.

At UXkids, we strive for quality

We are thrilled to think outside the box to ensure thoroughly elevated concepts and inventive designs.

We are a team driven by the passion for child-centered design.


UXkids is unique, being the only design agency in the Netherlands specialized in User Experiences for and with children.
Do you fancy what we do? Or are you as excited about child-centered-design as us? Let’s collaborate!

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Proud of our partners

UXkids is a proud contributor to the Dutch non-profit foundation:

‘Het Vergeten Kind’.

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Within UXkids our mission is to provide children with relevant digital media that always has a positive impact on the children's development and wellbeing.

While many children are provided with and benefit from, child-friendly digital products, other children are not even ensured of a secure and caring environment. At, UXkids, we want nothing more than children to grow up in safe and loving surroundings in which they have access and can enjoy all the digital products that are out there.

Therefore we decided to donate €2,00 for each participant that takes part in our research.