UXkids Club

The UXkids Club welcomes all children between 4 and 12 years of age. Club members share their thoughts and ideas on digital media for kids and learn everything about the digital world that surrounds them.

With the UXkids Club we offer a platform for companies and kids to connect and learn from each other.

Get in touch for more info: fleur@uxkids.com

UXkids Club meetings

What are they about?


Once a month, we invite kids to join us for a fun and interactive day dedicated to digital media and the 21st century skills.

Besides workshops, kids get to test the most recent websites and apps and work together on challenging projects.

The UXkids Club meets once a month at the UXkids office in Amsterdam.

Interesting for companies!


For companies, the UXkids Club offers an easy way to get in touch with their young target group.

Do you wonder if UX research with kids gives you the insights you need? Do you have a specific question, a limited budget or are you looking for some fresh ideas? Then join us for the next UXkids Club meeting and get inspired by these young experts.

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Fun for kids!


For children, the UXkids Club has a lot to offer! Challenging workshops on digital media and other 21st century skills, brainstorm sessions with lots of creativity and of course a lot of fun!

Participation in the the UXkids Club and all club activities is free!

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