Building an interactive prototype for the National Library of the Netherlands

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"We are very happy with our collaboration with UXkids. They offered the needed expertise that we don’t currently have at the National Library of the Netherlands. With their experience and knowledge about child development, UXkids was able to deliver a first prototype of our new website for kids.

UXkids are efficient in their work and ask the right (critical) questions. Their deliverables are convincing and practical. Job well done!"

Lieke Hoefs, Project Manager Youth at the National Library of the Netherlands

user tests user story user tests
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The project in a nutshell

As part of the network of public libraries, the National Library of the Netherlands (KB) is working on an online platform for kids and teens. The goal of this platform is to stimulate the development of language, reading and media skills in children.

During the initial phase of this project, the KB focusses on children between 9 and 12 years of age. UXkids helped bridge the gap between an abstract vision and a tangible design. Based on inventory user research and the internal knowledge at the KB, UXkids designed the concept for a child- and user-friendly online platform.

Besides the conceptual work, UXkids was responsible for developing an interactive prototype. The needs and expectations of both children and the KB were translated to a set of user stories, which were then translated to paper sketches and eventually to a child-friendly visual design. During this last step it was essential that the prototype had to match the expectations of the children, while not diverging much from the CI of the National Library.

During user tests, UXkids tested the prototype with kids and gathered valuable input for improvements.