Storyline and a hands-on product: Kids know how

Strategy and concept, Focus groups

UX research for CareToSave UX research for CareToSave UX research for CareToSave

“We learned a lot from the collaboration with UXkids. While some results confirmed our ideas, we also gained a lot of new insights. Now we know what our target age group likes and doesn't like about our concept. This gives us the necessary confidence for taking our product to the next level."

Andriy Shmyhelskyy, Founder

UX research for CareToSave
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The project in a nutshell

CareToSave is a driven startup with a great idea: Hyko – a polar bear that is on a mission to protect his natural habitat by helping children (5-10 years of age) save energy. Through changing colors, Hyko offers continuous feedback about a family’s energy consumption.

UXkids helped CareToSave validate their concept and optimize their product to match the needs, abilities and expectations of their target age group.