A child- and userfriendly app for a smile

Strategy and concept, User persona’s, Focus groups, Brainstorm sessions

Brainstorm sessions with CliniClowns UX research for CliniClowns Brainstorm sessions with CliniClowns UX research for CliniClowns

“UXkids provided us with valuable insights into the needs and expectations of our target group. This encouraged us to make major changes to our initial app design. We were glad to see that UXkids has all the necessary skills required for doing research with kids!"

Victor van der Veen, Online Project Manager

User personas for CliniClowns UX research for CliniClowns

The project in a nutshell

We are happy and proud to have been part of the new CliniClownsApp team. The new app will bring together more kids and clowns online in a fun, easy and intuitive way.

UXkids conducted UX research with chronically ill or handicapped children, their parents and clowns, in order to gain insights into their needs and expectations towards the new app. User personas brought the different user groups to live and helped the team to keep them in mind during the design process. This way, we were able to guarantee that all features are in line with what the users want and need.