Muiswerk - A child- and user-friendly dashboard

Concept, Focus groups, User tests, User persona's, Interaction design, Visual design

Kick-off Kick-off User persona

"UXkids stands out because of their profound knowledge on the Dutch Educational system.

”We speak the same language, which was the reason that Muiswerk and UXkids were a good match from the start. Being able to completely understand each other was very important for us in a partner.

UXkids are fun and very flexible to work with. They were able to grasp the essence of our application quickly and impressed us by effectively simplifying what is a very complex system.”

Bram van Tongeren, Managing Director at Muiswerk

Muiswerk onderzoek
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The project in a nutshell

Based on a user-centered approach, Muiswerk wanted to bring their online learning platform to the next level. A child- and user-friendly, scalable and future proof dashboard for both students and teachers formed the starting point for this project. Besides, Muiswerk wanted to renew the overall look and feel with a fresh and modern design.

UXkids was responsible for (1) planning and conducting user research at different schools, (2) translating insights and ideas to a new concept and interaction design and (3) proposing a new visual design in collaboration with one of their design partners.

With this project, UXkids expanded their area of expertise to children in secondary education.