Big experiences for small people

We make digital content:

  • child-friendly
  • challenging
  • accessible
  • intuitive
  • fun

How? By involving children in every step of the Child-Centered Design process.

"It’s great to see UXkids being the first UX research agency in the Netherlands that is specialized in user experience design for kids."

Niels Schultz, Head of Product at Squla

Strategy & Concept

Strategie & Concept

A solid strategy is key to any successful product. We help you grow your ideas and create a bulletproof concept based on your vision and the needs, expectations and abilities of your users. We are here to make sure your product will be loved by kids, appreciated by parents and valued by teachers.

Creation & Redesign

Creatie & Herontwerp

We support your team throughout the whole production process. From the first idea to the final touch, we help you make informed design decisions based on real user insights. We also bridge the gap between concept and design. This includes user flows, wireframes, clickable prototypes and of course the visual design of your product.



Organizations change, technology changes, users change. Make sure you keep your users in the loop and continuously optimize your products. We help you define goals, set priorities and ask the right questions to make sure you stay ahead of the game.

User Testing

User Testing

In a classical usability test, we observe and interview children while they are using your product. Actions and emotions can say so much more than words. Especially children often lack the ability to accurately verbalize their thoughts. UXkids combines research skills and an objective perspective on your project, which are necessary to validate your prototype or final product.

Focus groups


Focus groups bring together different thoughts on a topic or question. With this creative technique we encourage kids to share their ideas, hopes, and their concerns about your product idea or concept. We help you really listen to your target group and to take children on board of your design process.



Large-scale market research is difficult if you want to learn more about a dependent niche target group. Through observation and age-appropriate questions, we help you design more valuable products for your target age group. Besides kids, we also conduct interviews with parents and teachers as they often play an important role when it comes to kids and the media.


Objectief advies

As an outside party, we have an independent and objective look on your project. Our responsibility is to make sure your product is developed in a child-centered way. Our goals is to help you make informed design decisions, avoid product failures and involve your target group at the right moments during the design and development process. We'd love to join your existing product team.



Since UXkids was founded in 2013, we have become experts on various topics related to kids and digital media. We'd love to share our knowledge with you during one of our interactive workshops. Do you and your team want to learn all about UX do's and dont's for kids or how to bring your target group to life with user persona's? Or do you need a helping hand with the brainstorm or kick-off for your new project? We are here to help you with these and many more questions.

UXkids Club

UXkids Clubmiddagen

The UXkids Club brings together kids (between 4 and 12 years of age) and companies that want to learn from their target group. Once a month, we invite club members to join us for a fun and interactive afternoon dedicated to digital media. Do you have a question for your target group? Let us know and maybe the UXkids Club tests your product or app next.