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Conference talk: Big experiences for small people (video)

By November 9, 2017June 19th, 2020UXkids in the news

There are only a handful of professionals around the globe that focus on the UX for kids. On the one hand that’s a shame because at UXkids we believe that the best digital products for kids are developed with kids. On the other hand, the novelty of our profession allows us to gain recognition even outside The Netherlands.

UXkids at the BlendWebMix conference in Lyon, France

The organization for the BlendWebMix conference in Lyon, invited us to help create awareness among their attendees for the importance of kids when it comes to designing digital products for them.

In our talk ‘Creating big experiences for small people’, we zoom in on the do’s and don’ts of designing for children and share our experience and best practices for doing UX research with kids.

In order to design truly big experiences for kids, we have to get them involved. Only with their input and feedback, we can make supported design decisions that will match the needs and expectations of this broad and diverse target group.

Watch the full talk on ‘Creating big experiences for small people’ here (53min):

Create awareness for UX for kids in your organisation

Are you looking for speakers for your event or conference? Or would you like to introduce design thinking with kids to your own team or clients? Let us know! We’d love to get involved!

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