The project in short

The CliniClowns brings resilience and lightness to 90.000 sick and handicapped children each year. In 2015, the CliniClowns App was initiated to engage more children with the intention to develop a playful, simple and intuitive online environment that enlarges the interaction between children and clowns. Based on thorough user research, CliniClowns was able to design and develop a highly user-friendly application.

It was an honor to contribute to the development of such an amazing application. UXkids delivered clear insights into the large target group of CliniClowns, facilitating focus groups and interviews with children dealing with chronic illnesses, physical and multiple disabilities, parents and clowns.

Personas were designed to represent the most important characteristics of the target groups and to ensure that the features of the CliniClowns app match the users’ needs.

After launching the CliniClowns App, UXkids conducted multiple user tests to ensure improvement and continuation of the development as such.




CliniClowns App, User Research, UX Advice, User Tests, Focus Groups, Expert Review, User personas, Kids 4-12 years, Parents

UXkids provided us with incredible insights on the needs, desires, and expectations of our target group. It made us rethink and rebuild parts of our app. This kind of user research, which includes children with illnesses and disabilities, needs to be done by experts.

Victor v/d VeenOnline Projectmanager at CliniClowns

Before and After

The goal: A new environment, an app with the aim of enabling the contact between clown and child online in a fun, easy and intuitive way. The result: A clear, user-friendly app created on a solid basis of UX research.

On the left side, you can preview the before and after of the website using the interactive slider.

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