A brief overview of the project

As part of Noordhoff Uitgevers, Ambrasoft is responsible for the development of educational software. Ambrasoft wants to continue to serve the rapidly developing market and continues to adapt its products to their young and very diverse users.

User tests and focus groups with primary school children provided insight into the wishes and needs of this particular age group. UXkids gave advice, helped confirm the choices made and gave input for optimizing the Ambrasoft software.


Ambrasoft – Noordhoff


Optimization, Objective Advice, User testing, Focus Groups

UXkids conducts all their UX research in a thorough and professional way and all findings are documented in a clear and hands-on report. The team is enthusiastic and they bring a lot of expertise to the table, which makes it a joy to work with them.

David StrandersProject Lead at AmbraSoft, Noordhoff
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