A brief overview of the project

NEMO Science Museum is an interactive and informal learning environment in which people come in touch with science and technology. Through NEMO Discover, NEMO connects with kids at home and encourages children to explore the scientific world through various experiments and fun facts.

In this project, UXkids conducted an Expert Review to examine,

and improve the online platform on child-friendliness and accessibility.

The findings and points of improvement were gathered in a report. This report formed the basis for the design session that followed between UXkids, NEMO and Fabrique (a design agency) to ideate on the re-design of the online platform.

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NEMO Science Museum


Expert Review, UX advice, Optimization

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Before and After

We know from previous studies that children show explorative patterns while browsing through a website and are more likely to search based on the type of content. However, the current interface of the online platform was categorized based on themes. Therefore, we advised NEMO to divide and label the content by its type instead of a theme. Combining content type with a color-code makes it much easier for children to scan the different types of content.

On the left side, you can preview the before and after of the website using the interactive slider.