A brief overview of the project

The Max Planck Institute for Research of Collective Goods is one of the 80 institutes in the Max Planck Society, based in Bonn, Germany. The institute studies law, economics and politics of public goods.

A group of researchers within the Max Planck Institute is doing a study on the economic-decision-making of children. This study is done by using an online environment where communication with children takes place through a tablet.

However, a child- and user-friendly interaction design is crucial to prevent the study from producing misleading data. Therefore the Max Planck Institute consulted UXkids. UXkids was asked to provide the design process with advice on an interaction design that meets the capabilities of 3-6 year olds.


Max Planck Institute – Experimental Economics Group


Expert Review, Consultancy, Interaction Design

We had a wonderful experience with UXkids. They were very professional in each phase of the process and provided great advice on how to conceptualize our app for a behavioral economics experiment. Importantly, they had a great understanding of the problems when doing experiments with kids and helped us a lot to make our interface user-friendly!

Dr. Angelo RomanoSenior Research Fellow bij Max Planck Institute