A brief overview of the project

Due to the lack of child-friendly information about the role and benefits of the European Union, today’s children do not have a clear understanding of what it means to be a European citizen. Hence the Council of the EU has taken on the responsibility to create more awareness on this topic.

The EU Council already wrote a book for children aged 6 to 8 about the “establishment of the EU” and are exploring multiple means to reach out and educate children aged 6-12 years old.

However, given the broad age group and the wide range of topics, the possibilities are endless. UXkids helped the team determine the next steps in their roadmap.

UXkids organised the ‘UX for kids’ workshop for the project team of the EU Council. The aim of this workshop was to (re)align the project’s direction and purpose, while also sharing our expertise on designing products for children.


The Council of the European Union


Workshop, Advice

Thanks to our collaboration with UXkids, we were able to bring our project to the next level. Communicating about the European Union to young children is a challenge, but UXkids greatly supported us in better defining our purpose and developing materials that are age-appropriate.

UXkids used a practical and tailored approach, working on concrete examples and providing individual coaching sessions, something that was most valuable for us.

They are not only very professional and an expert in their field, but also friendly and fun to work with, which made our whole experience with them very enjoyable.

Nathalie VandelleCreative Services - Lead Editor