A brief overview of the project

In 2008, KPN developed a secure online environment for children, called: Mybee. In 2015, the decision was made to relaunch Mybee as a mobile app with a new look and feel and more content.

KPN wanted to design the new Mybee app with a constant focus on its users to ensure the new design and functionality met the children’s needs and expectations. As an expert on the user experience for children, UXkids was asked to advise KPN on the target age group and to ensure the child and user-friendliness of the new Mybee app.

UXkids involved both children and parents during the different stages of the design process through research. Parents were involved because they are the ones responsible for the installation of Mybee.

Unfortunately KPN took Mybee offline in 2017.




Mybee, App, Safe online, User tests, Focus groups, Usability, UX, Children age 2-6, Parents.

UXkids is an expert on good usability for children. Their broad knowledge on the topic and the way they involve children during the different stages of the development process are impressive. A high degree of flexibility and patience towards both the children and the client are traits that set UXkids apart.

Richard van LaarProduct Owner Mybee
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Read more about this project on the UXkids blog or download a PDF of the case study.

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