A brief overview of the project

In 2020 the redevelopment of Momento started. The new Momento is developed by Heutink, Rolf Group and Reinders in cooperation with all the major educational publishers. The development aims to fulfill the wishes of the current Momento users in particular and teachers in general.

Since October 2020 UXkids has been involved in this project to translate the wishes and needs of teachers into a user-friendly design. UXkids was (and still is) responsible for 1) the concept design for the new components, 2) UX design, 3) graphic design and 4) user research.

The new Momento is an environment in which the teacher is supported in planning the year, week and school day and in teaching and evaluating school subjects.

Momento is an environment from which the teacher can start and perform all tasks (before, during and after class). Momento is the starting point from which lessons from the different educational publishers can be accessed.

The role of UXkids

UXkids translated the initial concept for the new components of Momento into a user-friendly UX design.. The wireframes were then translated into a new, fresh and functional graphic design with the focus on enhancing intuitiveness. We presented the design to 8 teachers during a user study using a clickable prototype. Based on research sessions, the design was refined. Development and design phase ran parallel, therefore there were weekly refinement sessions and bi-weekly sprint reviews throughout the project. During these sessions, there was close contact and consultation with the various parties and stakeholders.




Heutink, Momento 2.0, Concept Development, User testing, Wireframes, Graphic Design, Sprints, Teachers.

Before and After

The performance dashboard has been redesigned based on the interaction and graphic design for the new Momento environment.
Take a look at the graphics on the right, to see the performance page before and after the transition to the new Momento.
Read more about the redesign and development on the website of Momento.