A brief overview of the project

Infinitas Learning is one of Europe’s leading educational publishers. Developing innovative and compelling educational products for teachers and students is at the heart of Infinitas Learning. Noordhoff, Liber and Plantyn are part of Infinitas Learning, with branches in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden.

Infinitas Learning is developing an online educational platform that must meet the expectations and standards of primary school education across their branches in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. Therefore, Infinitas Learning wants to gather information about the needs and desires of teachers and students. Conducting user research in multiple countries will bring out the best of three worlds and will take the product to a higher level.

International research

UXkids conducted remote user research with 36 children aged 7-11 years old

in the Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia). Additionally, a questionnaire was completed by another 480 young users in the same countries.

The user research in Sweden was done in collaboration with a Swedish researcher who, like UXkids, is specialised in UX research with children and young people.

Remote user testing

The research with children was carried out via Zoom, where the screen and mouse control can be shared with the participant. This allows for free navigation and exploration in an online platform by children, as is done in face to face research.

All findings and recommendations for the development of the product were summarised in a report (written in English) and presented to the international team at Infinitas Learning.


Noordhoff / Infinitas Learning


User testing, International, Remote, Independent research