A brief overview of the project

The Dutch broadcaster NTR is developing a Smart Speaker Action (voice application) for primary schools’ history classes. This voice application will be used by students to have conversations with various historical characters. Through this interplay students are learning more about a certain period in time.

To validate and be able to optimize the voice application, UXkids tested the voice application among students. Students got the chance to interact with Willem van Oranje.

Interviews with teachers, user tests and focus groups with kids, gave clear insights on the experiences, needs, and desires of both students and teachers. The result? A bunch of insights on:

– The usage in the context of schools
– The perspectives of teachers and student on learning through voice interaction
– The usability of a voice application
– Points of improvements

This project resulted in a report with findings and recommendations for the optimization of the voice interaction.


NTR – SchoolTV


SchoolTV, Smart Speaker action, Google Home, Interviews, Focus Groups, User Tests, Wireframes, Students, Teachers, Group 7 & 8

UXkids expertise on Child-Centered Design perfectly matches our target audience: 9-12 year old kids. UXkids is receptive to new areas, such as Voice UX. With their diligence, proficiency and dedication, UXkids delivered comprehensive feedback gathered from our potential users on our smartspeaker action 'Hey google talks to SchoolTV'.

Liesbeth van de Kar | Erik AppelmanManager - NTR Digital | SchoolTV