A brief overview of the project

Bureau de Groot Volker is an expert in traffic research. Through the website: verkeerslokaal.nl, Bureau de Groot Volker is committed to informing children throughout the Netherlands about traffic safety. Verkeerslokaal.nl offers online traffic education with recognizable traffic-related questions from the children’s own living environment. In recent years, Bureau de Groot Volker has used this platform to map out more than 10,000 home-to-school routes.

In 2020, the underlying technology of VerkeersLokaal was updated, which included moving the front-end design of the program from a 3.0 to a 4.0 version. With the new version, questions about the usability and effectiveness arose. Bureau de Groot Volker has asked UXkids as an external and objective party to conduct an Expert Review on the user-friendliness of the new 4.0 version compared to version 3.0.

By means of an Expert Review, UXkids used their expertise to look at both the student and teacher environments of versions 3.0 and 4.0.

The focus was on a number of use cases, which contained the most important functionalities of the traffic education program. UXkids compared and evaluated the different parts based on 1) her own knowledge and experience in testing digital products with children and teachers and 2) common criteria for a good user experience.

The findings and recommendations for improving the usability were compiled in a comprehensive report.




Expert Review, UX Advice

Expert Review

An Expert Review is an independent, professional analysis of a design’s (website and/or app) usability, with the goal of identifying strengths and usability issues.

UXkids categorizes findings per screen based on the following index:

We asked UXkids to do an Expert Review on our online education program. They are knowledgeable and came up with a clear and actionable summary with findings and recommendations.

Marleen PetrieCoördinator VerkeersLokaal