A brief overview of the project

Zwijsen Publishers is an acknowledged Dutch publisher in primary education. Their method named ‘Schatkist’ offers first graders a range of diverse and appealing materials, making the method satisfying to work with for both students and teachers. Also, there’s additional software, including educational learning software for students.

UXkids advised Zwijsen during the creative process for a new edition of Schatkist. UXkids was also responsible for the interaction- and visual design of the online environment. Students and teachers played a big role in the development of Schatkist. Their input during user tests has pushed the design to the next level.




Zwijsen, Schatkist, Concept Development, User tests, Wireframes, Visual Design, Primary school, Exercise software, First Graders.

In a very short time UXkids converted our concept into a stunning product with great and pragmatic interaction and visual design. In addition, by working with UXkids, we were able to immediately test the design in the market. UXkids has great knowledge, joins the team in the design process and has a great work ethic. They have been a great partner!

Jeroen de KovelProject Lead at Schatkist, Zwijsen

From wireframes to a visual design.

The new concept of the Schatkist environment was greatly improved and evolved using interaction design. We first worked on the interaction design of the selection screen, start screen and the various components. After consensus, we moved on from interaction design to visual design.

Curious what the Schatkist environment looks like? Check out this video, on the right!