A brief overview of the project

NOS Jeugdjournaal is a Dutch news channel reporting news for 9-12 year olds since 1981. Until 2016 NOS Jeugdjournaal was only being broadcasted on television, nowadays they are also reporting today’s news through an online platform and mobile application. The main goal of NOS is to remain timeless and stay connected to their audience while keeping up with and acting on the needs and expectations of children.

Bringing this into practice, UXkids facilitated a workshop with a team of NOS representatives. During the workshop internal needs and desires were captured, possible new directions were explored and the next steps for the development of NOS Jeugdjournaal were determined. Insights from the workshop were gathered in a report and were the basis for a follow-up workshop led by UXkids.

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NOS Jeugdjournaal


Workshop, Strategy and concept

UXkids is an expert in the field of children and technology. This combination is unique and becomes more and more important for NOS Jeugdjournaal.
UXkids supported NOS Jeugdjournaal in determining a future-proof strategic approach. This approach helped us formulate key principles that enable children to explore the world through NOS Jeugdjournaal's online environments in a playful way.

Tom van den BroekHead of Product bij NOS