A brief overview of the project

Being part of the network of public libraries, the National Library of the Netherlands (known in Dutch as the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and more commonly as the KB) is working on a digital platform for their youth members. The goal of this platform is to stimulate the development of language, reading and media literacy skills.

In the first stage of the project (2017), UXkids supported the KB in growing an idea and vision into a sturdy concept and design for their website: www.jeugdbibliotheek.nl. UXkids joined the project team to help the KB with a child- and user-friendly design for the new platform. User research and an inventory of existing technical and organizational regulations were the starting point for the new design.

UXkids was also responsible for the design of a clickable prototype

to ensure the future development of the product. In addition, UXkids wrote user stories to map out the needs and expectations of the kids.

The user stories formed the starting point for the very first sketches and visual design of a child-friendly website. It was of great importance that the prototype design should meet the expectations of users while communicating the existing visual design of the KB. User testing was conducted to validate the initial prototype among children.

Since 2017, UXkids has been consulted twice by the KB to examine the user-friendliness of the website. By facilitating user research among users, new insight and improvements have been gathered and shared with the KB.


The National Library of the Netherlands


Jeugdbibliotheek, Website, Concept, User stories, Interaction Design, Interactive prototype, User tests, Kids 9-12 years old

We are very happy with our collaboration with UXkids. They offered the needed expertise that we don’t currently have at the National Library of the Netherlands. With their experience and knowledge about child development, UXkids was able to deliver a first prototype of our new website for kids.

UXkids are efficient in their work and ask the right (critical) questions. Their deliverables are convincing and practical. Job well done!

Lieke HoefsProject Manager Youth at the KB
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Read more about this project on the UXkids blog or download the case study as PDF.

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