A child-centered design agency

The best products for kids are designed with kids

We help and guide companies in designing appealing, challenging and user-friendly digital media for kids and young people up to 18 years old. By blending our expertise and knowledge in child-centered design, and close collaborations with young experts, we are driving the design process towards child-friendly outcomes.

What we do

User Research

In a user test, we observe and interview children while they use your product.

Focus groups

Focus groups are facilitated discussions meant to collect various perceptions on a specific topic or question.


Playtesting provides valuable insights on the user experiences of your product among children.

Think tank

As an external agency, we happily are an objective and independent partner in your design process.

Expert review

We love to validate your products on child- and user-friendliness from our expertise.


Would you like to get the hang of Child-Centered Design? We love sharing our passion and know-how with your team.


We are always excited to collectively explore concept directions that match the expectations of both children and adults.

Interaction design

We happily translate your concepts into a child- and user friendly (interaction) design.

Visual design

It is our pleasure to give your project the visual appearance it is asking for.

Their broad knowledge on the topic and the way they involve children during the different stages of the development process are impressive.

Richard van LaarProjectmanager at KPN